RESTful Django Models

Welcome to RESTful Django Models

RESTful Django Models is a library that enables defining a model which is backed by an XML REST interface instead of a database. Using a familiar declarative definition, the fields map to values in the XML document by means of XPath expressions. With support for querying external REST APIs using a django-esque approach, we have strived to make writing and using xml backed models as close to django database models as we can, within the limitations of the available API calls.


Historically, we had a large and complex web application written in ASP.NET. The success of the application led to a performance and scalability challenge. The solution we went for was to extract domain components into federated services accessed through REST calls, producing and consuming XML. These were written in Java. This allowed us to create much thinner, cleaner web applications. We wanted a web framework that was fun and fast to use, so we chose Django. We wanted to be able to use the data from our REST APIs, which led to us creating RESTfull Django Models.